Research and Development

As Elit Pharma;

  • We create our formulas in our advanced laboratories without sacrificing quality with the importance and value we give to our business.
  • We use equal to pharma quality raw materials conform to european standards also special extracts, plant extracts which are harmless in skin and proven effectiveness in our formulas.
  • Every product worked is shaped by raw materials that are supported by European Regulations at appropriate rates and their activities are supported by clinical trials.
  • Microbiological suitability and stability of our formulations are controlled by regular tests.
  • We are happy to offer you correct and reliable formulas in our product groups Skin Care, Hair Care, Personal Care, Cleaning products etc.
  •  With almost over 18 years knowledge and experience in the health and dermo-cosmetic sector our company will continue to be the closest solution partner to you with our open and continuous development team in R&D, P&D and production process.